NanoPhotometer C40

Cuvette Spectroscopy

Mobile Design

Spectroscopy can now be taken anywhere. The optional integrated battery pack provides up to 8 hours of stand-alone battery powered operation.

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Cuvette Holder with
Temperature Control

The cuvette compartment is designed for open measurements. The cuvette holder is optimized for all standard cuvettes with a center height of 8.5 mm.

Rapid Scan Capability

Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm-up time. Full scan capability from 200 – 900 nm provides rapid and complete sample analysis in only 3.5 seconds.

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Processing Power

Built-in computer with a high performance dual core Q7 quad core 1 GHz processor and 8 GB of onboard memory provides powerful analysis and easy storage of methods and data.

Flexible Data Output

Equipped with Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN interface connections for flexible instrument control and data saving options. Front USB flash drive port for quick and easy data transfer.

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Flexible Unit Control

Mobile and easy control of the NanoPhotometer® is possible via Wi-Fi from tablets or smartphones (Android OS & iOS). Easy control from PCs (Windows & Mac) with fast and flexible connection options including Wi-Fi, USB and LAN. Learn more >

Maintenance Free

Sealed optics without any moving parts eliminates the need for costly and time consuming recalibrations. Durable, inert surfaces provide an easy to clean maintenance free design.

Compatible with Worldwide Pharmacopeia Requirements

1.8 nm bandwidth built in.

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Preprogrammed Apps

Preprogrammed Apps for common UV/Vis spectroscopy applications including kinetics and dedicated LifeSciences package come standard with each instrument.

Custom App Development

Affordable custom app development to create your personalized spectrophotometer


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