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No Need for Service!

NanoPhotometer® N60/NP80

Ultimate Performance in UV/VIS Spectroscopy

• Calibration‐free
• Reconditioning‐free
• Maintenance‐free

Implen’s True Path Technology™ works with two accurate path lengths as fixed anchor points which are defined by high precision metal parts. Depending on the sample absorbance the instrument automatically choses the right path length for achieving best measurement results. Implen guarantees recalibration freeness over the entire lifetime of the NanoPhotometer®. The illuminated sample window is made of scratch resistant quartz glass and does not need reconditioning.

Focus on what matters – your science!

• 15% off list price
• Free Upgrade from Touch to Mobile Version
• Free NanoPhotometer® Breeze™ accessory – the ultimate gadget

Terms and Conditions: Offer valid in certain countries only, please inquire on whether your area is included. Order must be placed by September 30th, 2017. Model, make and serial number of old spec must be provided with the purchase to be eligible. Cannot be combined with any other offers. All offers are subject to change without notice. Offer not available where prohibited by law.

implen, nanophotometer, implen-nanophotometer

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