Report – Use of the Implen NanoPhotometer® at the Gläsernes Laboratory


The Life Science Learning Lab (German name Gläsernes Labor) on the Berlin-Buch campus in Germany is a facility that offers students the opportunity to experiment in a variety of scientific fields and to gain insight into the work of various research groups on the campus. The Gläsernes Laboratory provides four hour courses led by trained scientist on numerous subjects, e.g. water analysis, Read More

Nucleic Acid Quantification Accuracy and Reproducibility with the NanoPhotometer® NP80

Nucleic Acid quantification is an important step in many different life science protocols including those implemented for sequencing and other areas. In this application note we describe the performance of the NanoPhotometer® NP80 in terms of linearity and accuracy, applying small volume nucleic acid quantification at 260 nm. Nucleic acid samples display a characteristic absorption spectrum at 260 Read More

New Product Launch of NanoPhotometer®

Implen Launches New NanoPhotometer NP80, N60, N50 and C40 Models! April 15, 2015 Implen Munich, Germany (April 15, 2015) – Implen GmbH announced the release of the 4th generation NanoPhotometer® as a full line of spectrophotometers including nanovolume (N60/N50), cuvette (C40) and combined nanovolume/cuvette (NP80) models. The new NanoPhotometer® product line redefines complete mobile Read More

Implen Celebrates 10 Years!

In August, 2013, Implen celebrated its 10 year Anniversary. From a humble beginning in 2003, to transitioning from distributor to manufacturer in 2005, to having thousands of our 3 generations of NanoPhotometer® instruments implemented in labs worldwide by 2012, our team at Implen wants to thank all of our customers, distributors, and suppliers for making this achievement possible. Here’s to Read More

Implen Installs the 2000th NanoPhotometer® Unit

Munich, Germany and Westlake Village, CA (August 31, 2012) – Implen GmbH and Implen, Inc. are proud to announce the sale of the 2000th NanoPhotometer® unit. The NanoPhotometer® P-Class is an All-in-One spectrophotometer with proven micro volume (0.3μl) and cuvette performance. Optimized mainly for quantification and purity assessment of nucleic acid and protein samples, the NanoPhotometer® P-Class Read More


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