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The use of high resolution melting (HRM) to map single nucleotide polymorphism markers linked to a covered smut resistance gene in barley A Lehmensiek, MW Sutherland… Springer Link
Genetic heterogeneity and molecular genetic diagnostics in primary and secondary laminopathies TD Nguyen Link
Methanogens in biogas production from renewable resources–a novel molecular population analysis approach C Bauer, M Korthals, A Gronauer… wst.iwaponline.com Link
Martin Armbrecht, Use of Cy labeled cDNA in microarray analyses after determination of the incorporation rate with the Eppendorf BioPhotometer plus and … L Eichinger, L Moll Link
Document Title: Determination of the Age (Time Since Deposition) of a Biological Stain J Ballantyne ncjrs.gov Link
Assembly and melting of DNA nanotubes from single-sequence tiles TL Sobey, S Renner, FC Simmel iopscience.iop.org Link
Bioluminescent Aspergillus fumigatus, a new tool for drug efficiency testing and in vivo monitoring of invasive aspergillosis M Brock, G Jouvion, S Droin-Bergère… Am Soc Microbiol Link
Inducible control of plasmid copy number for the production of therapeutic plasmids E Egger othes.univie.ac.at Link
Pre and postprandial effects on the ghrelin receptors in the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) SC Peddu search.proquest.com Link
The Development of a” genetic Eyewitness” Profiling System for Low Template Forensic Specimens: Identification of Novel Protein, RNA, and DNA Biomarkers EK Hanson etd.fcla.edu Link
Quantitation of DNA and RNA with absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy SR Gallagher, PR Desjardins Wiley Online Library Link
Genetická variabilita transketolázy jako možná determinanta náchylnosti k rozvoji pozdních diabetických komplikací V TANHÄUSEROVÁ is.muni.cz Link
Assessing the complex nature of behavior: Sequence-based and transcriptomic analyses in a mouse model of extremes in trait anxiety L Czibere d-nb.info Link
Microbial planktonic communities characterization in sea surface waters at South of Pico Island, using molecular techniques CÂM Loureiro repositorio.uac.pt Link
Identification of genes regulating the plant-specific expression of the ItmM gene in Epichloe festucae: this thesis is presented as a partial fulfillment of the requirements … E Brasell mro.massey.ac.nz Link


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