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Transcriptional profiles of the response of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to pentacyclic triterpenoids PY Chung, LY Chung, P Navaratnam journals.plos.org Link
Array-CGH in childhood MDS M Tauscher, I Praulich, D Steinemann Springer Link
Biogenic silver nanoparticles by Halymenia poryphyroides and its in vitro anti-diabetic efficacy M Vishnu Kiran, S Murugesan academia.edu Link
Identification, by gene expression profiling analysis, of novel gene targets in Staphylococcus aureus treated with betulinaldehyde PY Chung, LY Chung, P Navaratnam Elsevier Link
Variations in the obesity genes FTO, TMEM18 and NRXN3 influence the vulnerability of children to weight gain induced by short sleep duration A Prats-Puig, P Grau-Cabrera, E Riera-Pérez… nature.com Link
Metabolomic characterization of the region-and maturity-specificity of Rubus coreanus Miquel (Bokbunja) DY Lee, S Heo, SG Kim, HK Choi, HJ Lee… Elsevier Link
Development of a multiplex one step RT-PCR that detects eighteen respiratory viruses in clinical specimens and comparison with real time RT-PCR ML Choudhary, SP Anand, M Heydari, G Rane… Elsevier Link
Susceptibility evaluation of Picea abies and Cupressus lusitanica to the pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) M Nunes da Silva, MRM Lima… Wiley Online Library Link
Nucleic acid aptamers for capture and detection of Listeria spp SH Suh, LA Jaykus Elsevier Link
Comparison of nested PCR and qPCR for the detection and quantitation of BoHV6 DNA P Kubiś, M Materniak, J Kuźmak Elsevier Link
Prolactin expression in the cochlea of aged BALB/c mice is gender biased and correlates to loss of bone mineral density and hearing loss RJ Marano, J Tickner, SL Redmond journals.plos.org Link
Time-course profiling of molecular stress responses to silver nanoparticles in the earthworm Eisenia fetida Y Hayashi, LH Heckmann, V Simonsen… Elsevier Link
Proteomic analysis of the quorum-sensing regulon in Pantoea stewartii and identification of direct targets of EsaR R Ramachandran, AM Stevens Am Soc Microbiol Link
Targeted antiepidermal growth factor receptor (cetuximab) immunoliposomes enhance cellular uptake in vitro and exhibit increased accumulation in an intracranial … JH Mortensen, M Jeppesen, L Pilgaard… hindawi.com Link
3 种土壤微生物基因组 DNA 提取方法的比较 邵劲松, 浦牧野, 顾祝军 cqvip.com Link
Exploration of the biomacromolecular interactions of an interpenetrating proteo‐saccharide hydrogel network at the mucosal interface F Mashingaidze, YE Choonara, P Kumar… Wiley Online Library Link
Physicochemical properties of bacterial pro-inflammatory lipids influence their interaction with apolipoprotein-derived peptides SA Nankar, AH Pande Elsevier Link
A simple and effective method for RNA isolation and cDNA library construction from the brown seaweed Sargassum polycystum (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) MC Sim, CL Ho, SM Phang Springer Link
Silencing Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei LvRab7 reduces mortality in brooders challenged with white spot syndrome virus ÁR Píndaro, MRC Humberto, MBF Javier… Wiley Online Library Link
A mucoadhesive electrospun nanofibrous matrix for rapid oramucosal drug delivery C Dott, C Tyagi, LK Tomar, YE Choonara… dl.acm.org Link
การ ศึกษา ฤทธิ์ ของ สาร สกัด พิกัด นว โก ฐ ต่อ การ แสดงออก ของ ยีน แอ ล ดี แอ ล รี เซ ป เตอร์ และ ยีน เอ ช เอ็ ม จี โค เอ รี ดัก เต ส สุดา รัตน์ สุภาพ ร เห มิ นท ร์ tci-thaijo.org Link
Differential interaction of peptides derived from C-terminal domain of human apolipoprotein E with platelet activating factor analogs SA Nankar, P Bajaj, R Sravanthi, AH Pande Elsevier Link
Genome sequence analysis of the Vibrio parahaemolyticus lytic bacteriophage VPMS1 M Ramírez-Orozco, V Serrano-Pinto… Springer Link
High MET gene copy number predicted poor prognosis in primary intestinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma WT Huang, SS Chuang BMC Link
Epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in lung adenocarcinoma in Malaysian patients CK Liam, MIA Wahid, P Rajadurai, YK Cheah… Elsevier Link
The impact of hemolysis on cell-free microRNA biomarkers MB Kirschner, JJB Edelman, SCH Kao… frontiersin.org Link
The aspHS gene as a new target for detecting Aspergillus fumigatus during infections by quantitative real-time PCR A Abad-Diaz-De-Cerio, JV Fernandez-Molina… academic.oup.com Link
Isolation of endophytic bacteria producing the anti-cancer alkaloid camptothecine from Miquelia dentata Bedd.(Icacinaceae) S Shweta, JH Bindu, J Raghu, HK Suma… Elsevier Link
Synthesis of click‐reactive HPMA copolymers using RAFT polymerization for drug delivery applications MF Ebbesen, DH Schaffert, ML Crowley… Wiley Online Library Link
Identification of a novel mutation in UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT1A1) gene in a child with neonatal unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia A Minucci, G Canu, L Gentile, V Cimino, B Giardina… Elsevier Link
Molecular marker analysis to differentiate a clonal selection of Centennial Seedless grapevine MP Shinde, A Upadhyay, LB Aher… ajol.info Link
The molecular characterization of bovine leukaemia virus isolates from Eastern Europe and Siberia and its impact on phylogeny M Rola-Łuszczak, A Pluta, M Olech, I Donnik… journals.plos.org Link
Molecular techniques for dicistrovirus detection without RNA extraction or purification JFB Querido, J Agirre, GA Marti, D Guérin… hindawi.com Link
Self-assembled DNA hydrogel as switchable material for aptamer-based fluorescent detection of protein L Zhang, J Lei, L Liu, C Li, H Ju ACS Publications Link
Parent of origin influences the cardiac expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (Vegfa) CL Chiu, CT Morgan, SJ Lupton… BMC Link
Expression stabilities of candidate reference genes for RT-qPCR under different stress conditions in soybean S Ma, H Niu, C Liu, J Zhang, C Hou, D Wang journals.plos.org Link
Molecular characterization and expression analysis of heat shock cognate 70 after heat stress and lipopolysaccharide challenge in sea cucumber (Apostichopus … X Wang, Z Zhou, A Yang, Y Dong, Z Chen, X Guan… Springer Link
Transgene copy number comparison in recombinant mammalian cell lines: critical reflection of quantitative real-time PCR evaluation W Sommeregger, B Prewein, D Reinhart, A Mader… Springer Link
Expression levels of microRNA-375 in pancreatic cancer S Song, J Zhou, S He, D Zhu, Z Zhang… spandidos-publications.com Link
Identification by Q-PCR of Trypanosoma cruzi lineage and determination of blood meal sources in triatomine gut samples in Mexico G Ibáñez-Cervantes, A Martínez-Ibarra… Elsevier Link
Identification and expression analysis of two Toll-like receptor genes from sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) H Sun, Z Zhou, Y Dong, A Yang, B Jiang, S Gao… Elsevier Link
Skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation in lactating dairy cows during early lactation C Schäff, HM Hammon, M Röntgen, B Kuhla Springer Link
Molecular characterization of the flowering time gene FRIGIDA in Brassica genomes A and C OA Fadina, AA Pankin, EE Khavkin Springer Link
Specific and straightforward molecular investigation of β-thalassemia mutations in the Malaysian Malays and Chinese using direct TaqMan genotyping assays SL Kho, KH Chua, E George, JA Tan funpecrp.com.br Link
Mass spectrometry sequencing of transfer ribonucleic acids by the comparative analysis of RNA digests (CARD) approach S Li, PA Limbach pubs.rsc.org Link
A new record of Amphitetranychus quercivorus (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Korea and molecular comparison with A. viennensis TM Khaing, JH Lee, WG Lee, KY Lee Elsevier Link
Quantitative real-time PCR and phase specific serology are mutually supportive in Q fever diagnostics in goats R Sting, K Molz, W Philipp, F Bothe, M Runge… Elsevier Link
Detection of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in formalin fixed paraffin embedded biopsies in Malaysian non-small cell lung cancer patients TNS Yeen, R Pathmanathan… BMC/td>

Phenol red inhibits chondrogenic differentiation and affects osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro H Lysdahl, A Baatrup, AB Nielsen, CB Foldager… Springer Link
Development and validation of a multiplex real-time PCR method to simultaneously detect 47 targets for the identification of genetically modified organisms G Cottenet, C Blancpain, V Sonnard… Springer Link
Diurnal rhythm of a unicellular diazotrophic cyanobacterium under mixotrophic conditions and elevated carbon dioxide SB Gaudana, S Alagesan, M Chetty… Springer Link
Differential scanning fluorescence approach using a fluorescent molecular rotor to detect thermostability of proteins in surfactant-containing formulations E Ablinger, S Leitgeb, A Zimmer Elsevier Link
Overexpression of homogentisate phytyltransferase (HPT) and tocopherol cyclase (TC) enhances α-tocopherol content in transgenic tobacco MC Harish, P Dachinamoorthy, S Balamurugan… Springer Link
Prostate cancer progression correlates with increased humoral immune response to a human endogenous retrovirus GAG protein BS Reis, AA Jungbluth, D Frosina, M Holz, E Ritter… AACR Link
Nested PCR Detection of Chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVd) from Chrysanthemum Cultivar Seedlings Y Lee, JK Shim, SMH Jahan, BN Chung, S Lee… researchgate.net Link
Nested PCR Detection of Chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVd) from Chrysanthemum Cultivar Seedlings JK Shim, SMH Jahan, BN Chung, S Lee, CK Kim… dbpia.co.kr Link
Genetic variation in FKBP5 associated with the extent of stress hormone dysregulation in major depression A Menke, T Klengel, J Rubel, T Brückl… Wiley Online Library Link
A real-time PCR-based amelogenin Y allele dropout assessment model in gender typing of degraded DNA samples KY Kim, Y Kwon, M Bazarragchaa, AJ Park… Springer Link
Stability of unfrozen whole blood DNA for remote genotypic analysis of HIV-1 coreceptor tropism G Meini, A Materazzi, F Saladini… BMC Link
Structural basis for the functional roles of critical residues in human cytochrome P450 aromatase J Lo, G Di Nardo, J Griswold, C Egbuta, W Jiang… ACS Publications Link
SCREENING OF COMMON FLAX FAD GENES BY PCR V Stefúnová, V Lancíková search.proquest.com Link
Bladder contractility is modulated by Kv7 channels in pig detrusor J Svalø, M Bille, NP Theepakaran… Elsevier Link
Metagenomic Analysis of Uterine Microbiota in Postpartum Normal and Endometritic Water Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) K Onnureddy, Y Vengalrao, TK Mohanty… researchgate.net Link
Acetylation of retinoblastoma like protein2 (Rb2/p130) in tumor tissues ZN Khan, M Sabir, MA Kayani… koreascience.or.kr Link
Using of inter microsatellite polymorphism to evaluate gamma-irradiated Amaranth mutants J Ziarovska, K Razná… search.proquest.com Link
Quick identification and quantification of Proteus mirabilis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays W Zhang, Z Niu, K Yin, P Liu, L Chen Springer Link
Quantitative trait loci pyramiding for fruit quality traits in tomato A Sacco, A Di Matteo, N Lombardi, N Trotta, B Punzo… Springer Link
Genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii isolates from wild boars in Peninsular Malaysia VR Puvanesuaran, R Noordin, V Balakrishnan journals.plos.org Link
Rhythm of carbon and nitrogen fixation in unicellular cyanobacteria under turbulent and highly aerobic conditions S Krishnakumar, SB Gaudana… Wiley Online Library Link
Inhibition of dengue virus entry into target cells using synthetic antiviral peptides MA Alhoot, AK Rathinam, SM Wang… ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
A revised its nucleotide sequence gives a specifity for Smallanthus sonchifolius (Poepp. and Endl.) and its products identification J Žiarovská, EC Fernández, L Millela doiserbia.nb.rs Link
Therapeutic action of fluoxetine is associated with a reduction in prefrontal cortical miR-1971 expression levels in a mouse model of posttraumatic stress … U Schmidt, L Herrmann, K Hagl, B Novak… frontiersin.org Link
One-year monitoring of meta-cleavage dioxygenase gene expression and microbial community dynamics reveals the relevance of subfamily I. 2. C extradiol … A Táncsics, M Farkas, S Szoboszlay, I Szabó… Elsevier Link
Transcriptome profile at different physiological stages reveals potential mode for curly fleece in Chinese tan sheep X Kang, G Liu, Y Liu, Q Xu, M Zhang, M Fang journals.plos.org Link
Genetic variation between Xylocarpus spp.(Meliaceae) as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers UR Pawar, J Baskaran, IP Ajithkumar… search.proquest.com Link
Expression profiles of putative defence-related proteins in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) colonized by Ganoderma boninense YC Tan, KA Yeoh, MY Wong, CL Ho Elsevier Link
Detection of Coxiella burnetii DNA in Wildlife and Ticks in Northern Queensland, Australia A Cooper, J Stephens, N Ketheesan… online.liebertpub.com Link
Improved antibacterial activity and biocompatibility on vancomycin-loaded TiO2 nanotubes: in vivo and in vitro studies H Zhang, Y Sun, A Tian, XX Xue, L Wang… ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
Small Amplicons High Resolution Melting Analysis (SA-HRMA) allows successful genotyping of acid phosphatase 1 (ACP1) polymorphisms in the Italian population A Minucci, G Canu, L Gentile, C Zuppi, B Giardina… Elsevier Link
Detection of circulating tumour cells on mRNA levels with established breast cancer cell lines M Zebisch, AC Kölbl, U Andergassen… spandidos-publications.com Link
Rhythmic and sustained oscillations in metabolism and gene expression of Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 under constant light SB Gaudana, S Krishnakumar, S Alagesan… frontiersin.org Link
Comparison of the vaginal microbiota diversity of women with and without human papillomavirus infection: a cross-sectional study W Gao, J Weng, Y Gao, X Chen BMC Link
Transcriptionally active human papillomavirus is strongly associated with Barrett’s dysplasia and esophageal adenocarcinoma S Rajendra, B Wang, ET Snow, P Sharma… nature.com Link
Maize (Zea mays L.) constitutes a novel host to Sugarcane yellow leaf virus AI ElSayed Taylor & Francis Link
Involvement of TRPC channels in lung cancer cell differentiation and the correlation analysis in human non-small cell lung cancer HN Jiang, B Zeng, Y Zhang, N Daskoulidou, H Fan… journals.plos.org Link
Identification and characterization of a nanog homolog in Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) J Gao, J Wang, J Jiang, L Fan, W Wang, J Liu, Q Zhang… Elsevier Link
Enhancement of α-tocopherol content through transgenic and cell suspension culture systems in tobacco MC Harish, P Dachinamoorthy, S Balamurugan… Springer Link
Chronic restraint stress induces intestinal inflammation and alters the expression of hexose and lipid transporters CY Lee Wiley Online Library Link
The liver x receptor in correlation with other nuclear receptors in spontaneous and recurrent abortions J Knabl, A Pestka, R Hüttenbrenner, T Plösch… hindawi.com Link
Evaluation of genetic fidelity of in vitro raised plants of Dendrocalamus asper (Schult. & Schult. F.) Backer ex K. Heyne using DNA-based markers SR Singh, S Dalal, R Singh, AK Dhawan… Springer Link
Early onset muscle weakness and disruption of muscle proteins in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy JG Boyer, LM Murray, K Scott… BMC Link
Investigation into the Expression of Sucrose Transporters and Sucrose Phosphate Synthase mRNA in Different Plant Species AI ElSayed, M Boulila, MS Rafudeen Springer Link
Comparison of screening methods for high-throughput determination of oil yields in micro-algal biofuel strains SP Slocombe, QY Zhang, KD Black, JG Day… Springer Link
Distinct renal pathology and a chemotactic phenotype after enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli Shiga toxins in non-human primate models of hemolytic … DJ Stearns-Kurosawa, SY Oh, RP Cherla… Elsevier Link
Microbial nitrogen cycling in Arctic snowpacks C Larose, A Dommergue… iopscience.iop.org Link
First report on equine herpesvirus type 4 isolation in Poland–evaluation of diagnostic tools G Ploszay, J Rola, M Larska… degruyter.com Link
Optimisation of recombinant production of active human cardiac SERCA2a ATPase AV Antaloae, C Montigny, M le Maire, KA Watson… journals.plos.org Link
The global identification of tRNA isoacceptors by targeted tandem mass spectrometry C Wetzel, PA Limbach pubs.rsc.org Link
Quantity of glucose transporter and appetite-associated factor mRNA in various tissues after insulin injection in chickens selected for low or high body weight W Zhang, LH Sumners, PB Siegel… Am Physiological Soc Link
NFκB as a potent regulator of inflammation in human adipose tissue, influenced by depot, adiposity, T2DM status, and TNFα AL Harte, G Tripathi, MK Piya, TM Barber… Wiley Online Library Link
Applied & Translational Genomics V Parkanyi, L Ondruska, D Vasicek, J Slamecka academia.edu Link
Comparison of osteogenic medium and uniaxial strain on differentiation of endometrial stem cells FS Tabatabaei, MV Dastjerdi, M Jazayeri… ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
Exposure to 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid alters glucose metabolism in immature rat Sertoli cells MG Alves, A Neuhaus-Oliveira, PI Moreira… Elsevier Link
Decreased hippocampal mineralocorticoid: glucocorticoid receptor ratio is associated with low birth weight in female cynomolgus macaque neonates SX Ong, K Chng, MJ Meaney… Soc Endocrinology Link
Gender-specific immunological effects of the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor sildenafil in healthy mice S Karakhanova, Y Yang, J Link, S Soltek… Elsevier Link
Transcriptome analysis of Portunus trituberculatus in response to salinity stress provides insights into the molecular basis of osmoregulation J Lv, P Liu, Y Wang, B Gao, P Chen, J Li journals.plos.org Link
Regulation of apoptotic signaling pathways by 5α-dihydrotestosterone and 17β-estradiol in immature rat Sertoli cells VL Simoes, MG Alves, AD Martins, TR Dias… Elsevier Link
Protective effect of Pterostilbene against free radical mediated oxidative damage JD Acharya, SS Ghaskadbi BMC Link
Rapid mitochondrial genome evolution through invasion of mobile elements in two closely related species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi D Beaudet, M Nadimi, B Iffis, M Hijri journals.plos.org Link
Characterization of a novel porcine parvovirus tentatively designated PPV5 CT Xiao, LG Gimenez-Lirola, YH Jiang, PG Halbur… journals.plos.org Link
SKG arthritis as a model for evaluating therapies in rheumatoid arthritis with special focus on bone changes KK Keller, LM Lindgaard, L Wogensen… Springer Link
Application of biofilm-forming bacteria on the enhancement of organophosphorus fungicide degradation Y Kwak, IK Rhee, JH Shin Taylor & Francis Link
Stable microRNA expression enhances therapeutic antibody productivity of Chinese hamster ovary cells M Strotbek, L Florin, J Koenitzer, A Tolstrup… Elsevier Link
Head-blighting populations of Fusarium culmorum from Germany, Russia, and Syria analyzed by microsatellite markers show a recombining structure T Miedaner, F Caixeta, F Talas Springer Link
Stress influenced increase in phenolic content and radical scavenging capacity of Rhodotorula glutinis CCY 20-2-26 RK Salar, M Certik, V Brezova, M Brlejova, V Hanusova… Springer Link
Land use and host neighbor identity effects on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community composition in focal plant rhizosphere EK Morris, F Buscot, C Herbst, T Meiners… Springer Link
C60 exposure induced tissue damage and gene expression alterations in the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus MJC Van Der Ploeg, RD Handy, LH Heckmann… Taylor & Francis Link
Differential regulation of heat shock protein genes by temperature in relation to initial diapause in the egg of the katydid Paratlanticus ussuriensis JAEK SHIM, HEASON BANG… Wiley Online Library Link
Exercise and diabetes have opposite effects on the assembly and O-GlcNAc modification of the mSin3A/HDAC1/2 complex in the heart EJ Cox, SA Marsh BMC/td>

Induction of lipids and resultant FAME profiles of microalgae from coastal waters of Pearl River Delta M Daroch, C Shao, Y Liu, S Geng, JJ Cheng Elsevier Link
Infectious risk assessment of unsafe handling practices and management of clinical solid waste MS Hossain, NNNA Rahman, V Balakrishnan… mdpi.com Link
Cloning and characterization of the glycoside hydrolases that remove xylosyl groups from 7-β-xylosyl-10-deacetyltaxol and its analogues HL Cheng, RY Zhao, TJ Chen, WB Yu, F Wang… ASBMB Link
Development and validation of a real-time PCR method for the simultaneous detection of black mustard (Brassica nigra) and brown mustard (Brassica juncea) in food M Palle-Reisch, M Wolny, M Cichna-Markl… Elsevier Link
First TaqMan assay to identify and quantify the cylindrospermopsin-producing cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon ovalisporum in water E Campo, MÁ Lezcano, R Agha, S Cirés, A Quesada… academia.edu Link
Spoilage characteristics of Brochothrix thermosphacta and campestris in chilled vacuum packaged lamb, and their detection and identification by real time PCR A Gribble, G Brightwell Elsevier Link
Supplementary material for: Universal solvent quality crossover of the zero shear rate viscosity of semidilute DNA solutions S Pan, DA Nguyen, T Sridhar, P Sunthar, J Ravi Link
Effect of E65 and E70 splice isoforms on electrophysiological properties of Kv10. 1 M Psol, V Romaniello content.grin.com Link
Mesozooplankton grazing on picocyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea as inferred from molecular diet analysis NH Motwani, E Gorokhova journals.plos.org Link
A sensitive and specific multiplex PCR approach for sex identification of ursine and tremarctine bears suitable for non‐invasive samples T Bidon, C Frosch, HG Eiken… Wiley Online Library Link
Model based optimization of high cell density cultivation of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria S Alagesan, SB Gaudana, S Krishnakumar… Elsevier Link
Surface analysis of PEGylated nano-shields on nanoparticles installed by hydrophobic anchors MF Ebbesen, B Whitehead, B Ballarin-Gonzalez… Springer Link
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Protective effect of short-term genistein supplementation on the early stage in diabetes-induced renal damage MJ Kim, Y Lim hindawi.com Link
Morphological parameters and genetic diversity of progenies from seed production areas and unimproved stands of teak (Tectona grandis Lf) in India N Lyngdoh, G Joshi, G Ravikanth, R Vasudeva… Springer Link
De novo creation of MG1655-derived E. coli strains specifically designed for plasmid DNA production GAL Gonçalves, DMF Prazeres, GA Monteiro… Springer Link
Persistence of fenhexamid in the nutrient solution of a closed cropping system BW Alsanius, KJ Bergstrand, S Burleigh… Elsevier Link
TROPICAL AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE WL Goh, CK Lim, MA Rahman pertanika2.upm.edu.my Link
Biogeography of Burkholderia pseudomallei in the Torres Strait Islands of northern Australia A Baker, M Mayo, L Owens, G Burgess… Am Soc Microbiol Link
Cellular damage as induced by high temperature is dependent on rate of temperature change–investigating consequences of ramping rates on molecular and … JG Sørensen, V Loeschcke… jeb.biologists.org Link
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Poly (A) RNA and Paip2 act as allosteric regulators of poly (A)-binding protein SH Lee, J Oh, J Park, KY Paek, S Rho… academic.oup.com Link
Variation in metallothionein gene expression is associated with adaptation to copper in the earthworm Dendrobaena octaedra KV Fisker, M Holmstrup, JG Sørensen Elsevier Link
The expression of adhesin EF‐Tu in response to mucin and its role in Lactobacillus adhesion and competitive inhibition of enteropathogens to mucin AS Dhanani, T Bagchi Wiley Online Library Link
Transcriptomic analysis of iron deficiency related genes in the legumes CS Santos, AI Silva, I Serrão, AL Carvalho… Elsevier Link
Ascertaining clonal fidelity of micropropagated plants of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees et Arn. ex Munro using molecular markers SR Singh, S Dalal, R Singh, AK Dhawan… Springer Link
Oxidative stress involvement in manganese-induced alpha-synuclein oligomerization in organotypic brain slice cultures B Xu, SW Wu, CW Lu, Y Deng, W Liu, YG Wei, TY Yang… Elsevier Link
Development of a metastatic fluorescent Lewis Lung carcinoma mouse model: Identification of mRNAs and microRNAs involved in tumor invasion L Rask, M Fregil, E Høgdall, C Mitchelmore, J Eriksen Elsevier Link
Differential expression of choline monooxygenase transcript determines the plant to be glycine betaine accumulator or non-accumulaor PK Kar, BP Shaw theecoscan.in Link
Chronic bovine besnoitiosis: intra-organ parasite distribution, parasite loads and parasite-associated lesions in subclinical cases CF Frey, D Gutiérrez-Expósito, LM Ortega-Mora… Elsevier Link
Proteomic evaluation of the biodegradation of wool fabrics in experimental burials C Solazzo, JM Dyer, S Clerens, J Plowman… Elsevier Link
Improved minicircle DNA biosynthesis for gene therapy applications VM Gaspar, CJ Maia, JA Queiroz… online.liebertpub.com Link
Nanoengineering of doxorubicin delivery systems with functionalized maghemite nanoparticles K Rudzka, JL Viota, JA Muñoz-Gamez, A Carazo… Elsevier Link
Inter hacre-1 retrotransposon length polymorphism is not conserved throught the sunflower lines J Ziarovská, M Bezo search.proquest.com Link
Expression pattern of recombinant organophosphorus hydrolase from Flavobacterium sp. ATCC 27551 in Escherichia coli Y Kwak, IK Rhee, JH Shin Springer Link
The molecular mechanism of mediation of adsorbed serum proteins to endothelial cells adhesion and growth on biomaterials D Yang, X Lü, Y Hong, T Xi, D Zhang Elsevier Link
Ligand-functionalized nanoliposomes for targeted delivery of galantamine MS Mufamadi, YE Choonara, P Kumar, G Modi… Elsevier Link
Assessment of molecular diversity and population structure of the Ethiopian sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] germplasm collection maintained by … HE Cuevas, LK Prom Springer Link
CD69 is a TGF-β/1α, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 target gene in monocytes TK Wöbke, A von Knethen, D Steinhilber, BL Sorg journals.plos.org Link
Molecular and functional characterization of odorant-binding protein genes in an invasive vector mosquito, Aedes albopictus Y Deng, H Yan, J Gu, J Xu, K Wu, Z Tu, AA James… journals.plos.org Link
Interactions between snow chemistry, mercury inputs and microbial population dynamics in an arctic snowpack C Larose, E Prestat, S Cecillon, S Berger, C Malandain… journals.plos.org Link
Targeted RNAi of the Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Pathway Genes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells MRM Hafiz, MZ Mazatulikhma, FAM Faiz… core.ac.uk Link
Pregnancy weight gain limitation by a supervised nutritional program influences placental NF-κB/IKK complex expression and oxidative stress HM Zerón, AP Flores, AA Chávez, AG Alanís… ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
Exposure to a cutinase-like serine esterase triggers rapid lysis of multiple mycobacterial species Y Yang, A Bhatti, D Ke, M Gonzalez-Juarrero… ASBMB Link
Developmental toxicity and estrogenic potency of zearalenone in zebrafish (Danio rerio) K Bakos, R Kovács, Á Staszny, DK Sipos, B Urbányi… Elsevier Link
Development and validation of a duplex real-time PCR method for the simultaneous detection of celery and white mustard in food M Fuchs, M Cichna-Markl, R Hochegger Elsevier Link
Telmisartan Plus Propranolol Improves Liver Fibrosis and Bile Duct Proliferation in the PSC-Like Abcb4−/− Mouse Model S Mende, S Schulte, I Strack, H Hunt… Springer Link
Decreased hippocampal MR/GR ratio is associated with low-birth weight in Cynomolgus macaque neonates JP Buschdorf, SX Ong, K Chng… Soc Endocrinology Link
Lactobacillus plantarum CS24. 2 prevents Escherichia coli adhesion to HT‐29 cells and also down‐regulates enteropathogen‐induced tumor necrosis factor … AS Dhanani, T Bagchi Wiley Online Library Link
Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles as vehicles for the delivery of the antitumor drug gemcitabine to tumor cells. Physicochemical in vitro evaluation JL Viota, A Carazo, JA Munoz-Gamez, K Rudzka… Elsevier Link
Entamoeba histolytica antigenic protein detected in pus aspirates from patients with amoebic liver abscess N Othman, Z Mohamed, MM Yahya, VM Leow… Elsevier Link
Ethanol alters gene expression and cell organization during optic vesicle evagination A Santos-Ledo, F Cavodeassi, H Carreño, J Aijón… Elsevier Link
TGF-α/HA complex promotes tympanic membrane keratinocyte migration and proliferation via ErbB1 receptor BM Teh, SL Redmond, Y Shen, MD Atlas… Elsevier Link
Over-expression of the transcription factor HlMYB3 in transgenic hop (Humulus lupulus L. cv. Tettnanger) modulates the expression of genes involved in the … A Gatica-Arias, M Stanke, KR Häntzschel… Springer Link
Rapid, simple and sensitive detection of Q fever by loop-mediated isothermal amplification of the htpAB gene L Pan, L Zhang, D Fan, X Zhang, H Liu… journals.plos.org Link
Viability reduction and rac1 gene downregulation of heterogeneous Ex-Vivo glioma acute slice infected by the oncolytic newcastle disease virus strain V4UPM Z Mustafa, HS Shamsuddin, A Ideris… hindawi.com Link
Probiotic supplementation promotes calcification in Danio rerio larvae: a molecular study F Maradonna, G Gioacchini, S Falcinelli, D Bertotto… journals.plos.org Link
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