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Identification and Quantification of Secondary Organic Aerosol Compounds Using Improved Spectroscopic Methods for Functional Group Analysis AP Ranney search.proquest.com Link
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Honey: The Natural Inhibine” R Aliyazicioglu, L Boukraa ingentaconnect.com Link
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Tunicate pregnane X receptor (PXR) orthologs: Transcript characterization and natural variation I Richter, AE Fidler Elsevier Link
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Polyethylenimine coated plasmid DNA–surfactant complexes as potential gene delivery systems D Costa, WH Briscoe, J Queiroz Elsevier Link
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Pathogens and Disease Advance Access published April 19, 2015 I Senitkova, P Spidlova, J Stulik Link
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Cooperation of both, the FKBP_N-like and the DSBA-like, domains is necessary for the correct function of FTS_1067 protein involved in Francisella tularensis … I Senitkova, P Spidlova, J Stulik academic.oup.com Link
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Long‐lasting Effect Against White Spot Syndrome Virus in Shrimp Broodstock, Litopenaeus vannamei, by LvRab7 Silencing P Alvarez‐Ruiz, A Luna‐González… Wiley Online Library Link
Polyhydroxyalkanoate from marine Bacillus megaterium using CSMCRI’s Dry Sea Mix as a novel growth medium JH Dhangdhariya, S Dubey, HB Trivedi… Elsevier Link
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Production of Toxocara cati TES-120 Recombinant Antigen and Comparison with its T. canis Homolog for Serodiagnosis of Toxocariasis F Zahabiun, SM Sadjjadi, MH Yunus… ASTMH Link
In vivo genome editing using nuclease-encoding mRNA corrects SP-B deficiency AJ Mahiny, A Dewerth, LE Mays, M Alkhaled… nature.com Link
Arginine Vasotocin, Isotocin and Nonapeptide Receptor Gene Expression Link to Social Status and Aggression in Sex‐Dependent Patterns SC Lema, KE Sanders, KA Walti Wiley Online Library Link
Expresión de interferón gamma en la infección por el virus del papiloma humano y por Chlamydia trachomatis en muestras cervicales M del Carmen Colín-Ferreyra, H Mendieta-Zerón… Elsevier Link
A menthol-based solid dispersion technique for enhanced solubility and dissolution of sulfamethoxazole from an oral tablet matrix BF Choonara, YE Choonara, P Kumar, LC du Toit… Springer Link
Proteotranscriptomic profiling of 231-BR breast cancer cells: identification of potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for brain metastasis MD Dun, RJ Chalkley, S Faulkner, S Keene… ASBMB Link
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Management of phytophthora blight (Phytophthora capsici) on vegetables in Ontario: some greenhouse and field aspects RF Cerkauskas, G Ferguson… Taylor & Francis Link
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Electrochemical sensor for lead cation sensitized with a DNA functionalized Porphyrinic metal–organic framework L Cui, J Wu, J Li, H Ju ACS Publications Link
Site-Specific Characterization and Absolute Quantification of Pegfilgrastim Oxidation by Top-Down High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry IC Forstenlehner, J Holzmann, H Toll… ACS Publications Link
RNA expression profiling in depressed patients suggests retinoid-related orphan receptor alpha as a biomarker for antidepressant response JM Hennings, M Uhr, T Klengel, P Weber, B Pütz… nature.com Link
Characterization of early transcriptional responses to cadmium in the root and leaf of Cd-resistant Salix matsudana Koidz J Yang, K Li, W Zheng, H Zhang… bmcgenomics.biomedcentral.com Link
Expressing and characterizing mechanosensitive channels in Xenopus oocytes G Maksaev, ES Haswell Springer Link
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Gene analysis of signal-joint T cell receptor excision circles and their relationship to age in dogs G Ito, K Yoshimura, Y Momoi Elsevier Link
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Genetic diversity of the long terminal repeat of bovine leukaemia virus field isolates A Pluta, M Rola-Łuszczak, M Olech… degruyter.com Link
Tumors detected in cattle at a Brazilian abattoir JG Amoril, ELS Sena Link
A Simple Two-Stage PCR Based Method to Construct Gene Disruption Cassette VG KrishnaKumar, A Thirunavukkarasu Link
Effect of mother alcoholization on the activity of ghrelin system in prenatal and early postnatal periods of rat offspring MI Airapetov, PP Khokhlov… journals.eco-vector.com Link
A carbon nanofiber-based label free immunosensor for high sensitive detection of recombinant bovine somatotropin SA Lim, MU Ahmed Elsevier Link
Application of circular dichroism and magnetic circular dichroism for assessing biopharmaceuticals formulations photo-stability and small ligands binding … E Longo, R Hussain, G Siligardi Elsevier Link
The prognostic impact of EGFR, ErbB2 and MET gene amplification in human gastric carcinomas as measured by quantitative Real-Time PCR G Janbabai, Z Oladi, T Farazmandfar… Springer Link
Decreased irisin secretion contributes to muscle insulin resistance in high-fat diet mice Z Yang, X Chen, Y Chen, Q Zhao ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
The comprehensive mechanisms underlying nonhierarchical follicular development in geese (Anser cygnoides) H Liu, W Zhang, Q Li, J Liu, T Zhang, T Zhou… Elsevier Link
Identification, development, and application of 12 polymorphic EST-SSR markers for an endemic Chinese walnut (Juglans cathayensis L.) using next-generation … M Dang, ZX Liu, X Chen, T Zhang, HJ Zhou… Elsevier Link
Chitosan–hyaluronic acid polyelectrolyte complex scaffold crosslinked with genipin for immobilization and controlled release of BMP-2 SD Nath, C Abueva, B Kim, BT Lee Elsevier Link
Phytic acid attenuates inflammatory responses and the levels of NF-κB and p-ERK in MPTP-induced Parkinson’s disease model of mice Y Lv, Z Zhang, L Hou, L Zhang, J Zhang, Y Wang… Elsevier Link
Identification and characterization a novel transcription factor activator protein-1 in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus L Yang, C Li, Y Chang, Y Gao, Y Wang, J Wei… Elsevier Link
Examination of the Cytotoxicity of Carboxyl Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Escherichia Coli BL Twibell bearworks.missouristate.edu Link
Fed and fasted chicks from lines divergently selected for low or high body weight have differential hypothalamic appetite-associated factor mRNA expression profiles J Yi, ER Gilbert, PB Siegel, MA Cline Elsevier Link
Effect of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions on oligomeric state and chaperone-like activity of αB-crystallin in crowded media NA Chebotareva, TB Eronina, NN Sluchanko… Elsevier Link
Transcriptome analysis of Ginkgo biloba kernels B He, Y Gu, M Xu, J Wang, F Cao, L Xu frontiersin.org Link
Retrotransposon based TRAP marker displays diversity among onion (Allium cepa L.) genotypes S Anandhan, A Nair, DS Kumkar, J Gopal Elsevier Link
Incidence of sweet cherry viruses in Shandong province, China and a case study on multiple infection with five viruses X Zong, W Wang, H Wei, J Wang, X Yan… JSTOR Link
Quantitative analysis of the expression of caspase 3 and caspase 9 in different types of atherosclerotic lesions in the human aorta IA Sobenin, YV Bobryshev, GA Korobov… Elsevier Link
Comparison of the prevalence of KRAS-LCS6 polymorphism (rs61764370) within different tumour types (colorectal, breast, non-small cell lung cancer and brain … M Uvirova, J Simova, B Kubova… biomed.papers.upol.cz Link
Comparison of commercial DNA kits and traditional DNA extraction procedure in PCR detection of pork in dry/fermented sausages I Djurkin Kušec, Ž Radišić, M Komlenić, G Kušec hrcak.srce.hr Link
Investigation of the dissolution kinetics of fullerene C60 in solvents with different polarities by UV-Vis spectroscopy N Jargalan, TV Tropin, MV Avdeev… Springer Link
The association of PLA2G2A single nucleotide polymorphisms with type IIa secretory phospholipase A2 level but not its activity in patients with stable … YA Shuvalova, ZB Khasanova, VI Kaminnaya… Elsevier Link
Incidental finding of a homozygous p. M348K asymptomatic Italian patient confirms the many faces of cystic fibrosis R Molinario, S Palumbo, P Concolino… hindawi.com Link
Transcriptome Analysis of Shell Color-Related Genes in the Clam Meretrix meretrix X Yue, Q Nie, G Xiao, B Liu Springer Link
Reduced representation libraries from DNA pools analysed with next generation semiconductor based-sequencing to identify SNPs in extreme and divergent pigs for … S Bovo, F Bertolini, G Schiavo, G Mazzoni… hindawi.com Link
Transcriptome profile of liver at different physiological stages reveals potential mode for lipid metabolism in laying hens H Li, T Wang, C Xu, D Wang, J Ren… bmcgenomics.biomedcentral.com Link
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Determination of anaerobic degradation pathways through carbon isotope (δ13C) analysis for the two-stage anaerobic digestion of high-solids substrates T Gehring, J Klang, A Niedermayr, S Berzio… Link
A functional polymorphism in the pre‑miR‑146a gene influences the prognosis of glioblastoma multiforme by interfering with the balance between Notch1 and … R Liu, W Li, C Wu spandidos-publications.com Link
Assessing product adulteration in natural health products for laxative yielding plants, Cassia, Senna, and Chamaecrista, in … GS Seethapathy, D Ganesh, JUS Kumar… Springer Link
RNA-seq based on transcriptome reveals differ genetic expressing in Chlamys farreri exposed to carcinogen PAHs Q Jin, L Pan, T Liu, F Hu Elsevier Link
A Prospective Screening of HLA-B* 57.01 Allelic Variant for Preventing the Hypersensivity Reaction to Abacavir: Experience from the Laboratory of Molecular … C Senatore, B Charlier, A Truono, R Punzi… ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
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Transcriptomic response to low salinity stress in gills of the Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei D Hu, L Pan, Q Zhao, Q Ren Elsevier Link
Development of SYBR Green I Based Real-Time RT-PCR Assay for Specific Detection of Watermelon silver mottle Virus X Rao, J Sun ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Link
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Digital gene expression analysis in hemocytes of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in response to low salinity stress Q Zhao, L Pan, Q Ren, D Hu Elsevier Link
Characterization of strawberry (Fragaria× ananassa Duch.) cultivars and hybrid clones using SSR and AFLP markers R Rugienius, JB Šikšnianienė, B Frercks… researchgate.net Link
Detection of DNA sequences originating from GMOs in milk S Paramithiotis, A Adrakta, K Sigala… researchgate.net Link
Induction based fluidics (IBF) for droplet‐based mass spectrometric analysis of oligonucleotides RL Ross, AD Sauter, PA Limbach Wiley Online Library Link
miR-34a screened by miRNA profiling negatively regulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in Aflatoxin B1 induced … L Zhu, J Gao, K Huang, Y Luo, B Zhang, W Xu nature.com Link
Alternatively spliced isoforms of Kv10. 1 potassium channels modulate channel properties and can activate cyclin-dependent kinase in Xenopus oocytes FR Gomes, V Romaniello, A Sánchez, C Weber… ASBMB Link
Next Generation Semiconductor Based-Sequencing of a Nutrigenetics Target Gene (GPR120) and Association with Growth Rate in Italian Large White … L Fontanesi, F Bertolini, E Scotti, G Schiavo… Taylor & Francis Link
Gender-related drug effect on several markers of oxidation stress in diabetes patients with and without complications M Lodovici, E Bigagli, C Luceri, E Mannucci… Elsevier Link
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Molecular characterization of heat shock protein 70 cognate cDNA and its upregulation after diapause termination in Lycorma delicatula eggs JK Shim, KY Lee Elsevier Link
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Metabolic fingerprints in testicular biopsies from type 1 diabetic patients MG Alves, AD Martins, PI Moreira, RA Carvalho… Springer Link
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Proteins involved in focal adhesion signaling pathways are differentially regulated in experimental branch retinal vein occlusion LJ Cehofski, A Kruse, B Kjærgaard, A Stensballe… Elsevier Link
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FAT1 cadherin acts upstream of Hippo signalling through TAZ to regulate neuronal differentiation AF Ahmed, CE de Bock, LF Lincz, J Pundavela… Springer Link
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Gender associated circadian oscillations of the clock genes in rat choroid plexus T Quintela, C Sousa, FM Patriarca, I Gonçalves… Springer Link
Bone Regeneration Using Hydroxyapatite Sponge Scaffolds with In Vivo Deposited Extracellular Matrix RD Ventura, AR Padalhin, YK Min… online.liebertpub.com Link
Chemical mutagenesis of microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. using ems (ethyl methanesulfonate) M Kawaroe, AO Sudrajat, J Hwangbo… journalrepository.org Link
Leptin modulates human Sertoli cells acetate production and glycolytic profile: a novel mechanism of obesity-induced male infertility? AD Martins, AC Moreira, R Sá, MP Monteiro… Elsevier Link
Environmental drivers of the distribution of nitrogen functional genes at a watershed scale M Tsiknia, NV Paranychianakis… academic.oup.com Link
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A non-invasive technique to determine the effects of plucked feather type (size) on dna yield in PCR amplification J Angat, FZM Yusof journalarticle.ukm.my Link
Effects of 17 α-methyltestosterone on transcriptome, gonadal histology and sex steroid hormones in rare minnow Gobiocypris rarus J Gao, S Liu, Y Zhang, Y Yang, C Yuan, S Chen… Elsevier Link
Comparative transcriptome analysis of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas characterized by shell colors: identification of genetic bases potentially involved in … D Feng, Q Li, H Yu, X Zhao, L Kong journals.plos.org Link
Differential gene expression analysis of benzo (a) pyrene toxicity in the clam, Ruditapes philippinarum T Liu, L Pan, Q Jin, Y Cai Elsevier Link
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Increased peroxisome proliferator‑activated receptor γ expression levels in visceral adipose tissue, and serum CCL2 and interleukin-6 levels during visceral … T Yogarajah, YTG Bee… spandidos-publications.com Link
A NAC transcription factor, EjNAC1, affects lignification of loquat fruit by regulating lignin Q Xu, W Wang, J Zeng, J Zhang, D Grierson, X Li… Elsevier Link
Differential responses of Apis mellifera heat shock protein genes to heat shock, flower-thinning formulations, and imidacloprid J Koo, TG Son, SY Kim, KY Lee Elsevier Link
De novo assembly and characterization of transcriptome using Illumina sequencing and development of twenty five microsatellite markers for an endemic … YH Hu, P Zhao, Q Zhang, Y Wang, XX Gao… Elsevier Link
Interferon λ 3 and 4 Genotyping Using High-Resolution Melt Curve Analysis Suitable for Multiple Clinical Sample Types FMJ Lamoury, S Bartlett, B Jacka… urologiconcology.org Link
Tobacco habituated and non-habituated subjects exhibit different mutational spectrums in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma RM Rawal, MN Joshi, P Bhargava, I Shaikh, AS Pandit… Springer Link
Prognostic significance of CREB-binding protein and CD81 expression in primary high grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: identification of novel … MS Lee, JH Kim, JS Lee, SJ Yun, WJ Kim, H Ahn… journals.plos.org Link
Metastasis suppressor 1 expression in human ovarian cancer: The impact on cellular migration and metastasis R Liu, TA Martin, NJ Jordan… spandidos-publications.com Link
Molecular identification of four Panonychus species (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Korea, including new records of P. caglei and P. mori TM Khaing, JK Shim, KY Lee Wiley Online Library Link
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Co (II)‐mediated effects of plain and plasma immersion ion implanted cobalt‐chromium alloys on the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem … K Schröck, J Lutz, S Mändl, MC Hacker… Wiley Online Library Link
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Molecular comparison of the genus Junonia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Myanmar NZ Win, EY Choi, DJ Jang, J Park, JK Park Elsevier Link
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Correlation between topoisomerase I and tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 1 activities in non-small cell lung cancer tissue AK Jakobsen, KL Lauridsen, EB Samuel… Elsevier Link
Population Structure, Fungicide Resistance Profile, and sdhB Mutation Frequency of Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry and Greenhouse-Grown … S Konstantinou, T Veloukas, M Leroch… Am Phytopath Society Link
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Glycosyltransferases as marker genes for the quantitative polymerase chain reaction-based detection of circulating tumour cells from blood samples of … AC Kölbl, RA Hiller, M Ilmer… spandidos-publications.com Link
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